3 Ways AI & IoT Are Making Road Construction Safer

Road constructions continue to pose a severe challenge to construction workers and motorists driving through road construction zones. More than 773 individuals lose their lives every year in crashes in construction and road maintenance zones.

Road construction workers are not safe either, with more than 123 workers getting fatal work-related injuries every year. The sad news is that these numbers are likely to increase with road constructions increasing across the country.

This is why several road construction companies have turned to AI and IoT to make road construction safer. Below are three ways AI and IoT are making road construction safer for everyone that will guide you.

Understanding How IoT and IT Work

IoT, also known as the internet, uses sensors to add visibility to an operating system. It allows the operating system to obtain real-time and operational data. Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, uses the obtained data to create patterns and predict behavior.

Several established road construction companies have already started using artificial intelligence and the internet of things to improve safety during road construction projects. Such companies are working with information technology experts to create long-lasting safety solutions. The aim is to come up with a watchdog, which will use deep-learning algorithms and live feeds from the road construction site.

This watchdog of sorts can identify and flag irresponsible behavior from the road construction workers. For example, this technology can flag road construction workers who are working too close to road construction machinery. This watchdog of sorts will also flag workers who fail to wear the required safety gear. The Drönarfoto is used with IOT technology which can help you to make your construction site more safer than before.

Construction Companies Share Safety Data

Road construction companies should work together to share data. This arrangement will be beneficial to all road construction companies since it will give them more aggregated data.

Combining this data with information from IoT sensors built into common construction equipment like a road flare will allow road construction companies to create a predictive algorithm that will reduce the risk of injuries and improve productivity. Various technology companies are also using the internet of things and artificial intelligence to improve communication in the workplace. This reduces injuries that are caused by confusion.

Road construction companies can also stop accidents even before their workers get to the road construction site. They are working with information technology experts to train road construction workers before they get to the field.

However, videos and quizzes provide crucial information that can be used to train road construction workers, taking advantage of IoT, and artificial intelligence enhances training by utilizing virtual reality. One good example of this is the game developed by game design students at Kennesaw State University in Georgia.

These students worked with an established road construction company to create a video game program. This gaming platform uses images obtained from 360-degree cameras and drones obtained from a construction site.

Asking road construction workers to play this game allows road construction companies to learn more about the workers’ ability to observe safety protocols. Apart from improving safety, AI, and IoT tools can also be used to improve accuracy and job performance.

Drone Traffic Monitoring

Another crucial role of artificial intelligence and the internet of things in enhancing safety during road construction is through drone traffic monitoring. According to recent statistics, more than 27 037 people have lost their lives since 1982 in accidents that occur in road construction sites. The government can work together with road construction companies to reduce such crashes by taking advantage of drone-traffic monitoring. AI and IoT allow the government to monitor traffic flow using drones.

This means that it is now possible to reduce congestion in road construction and maintenance zones. In addition to that, drones can monitor a large road construction and maintenance zone to gain vital traffic information, which can be analyzed by artificial intelligence to come up with safe solutions to reduce traffic congestions.

This information will also allow road users to observe recommended speed limits and traffic lights. What is more, this new technology can adjust traffic lights to allow ambulances to get to road construction sites quickly in case of an accident. AI and IoT can also be used to warn road users that they are approaching a road construction zone.

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