4 Benefits of Shared Hosting

Did you know that shared hosting is one of the most popular types of hosting services worldwide? In 2019, shared web hosting accounted for a staggering 37.64% of the revenue in the web hosting industry. In this form of hosting, your website is hosted on a common server,along with several websites. So, all the website on that server share the resources, such as bandwidth, CPU, RAM, storage. The resources are usually distributed equally among the websites.

Here’s a look at 4 key benefits that make shared hosting so popular.

1.    Cheaper Price of Hosting

This type of hosting is significantly cheaper than VPS or dedicated hosting. Due to the shared environment, there also are lesser technicalities and maintenance involved. A shared server is great if you are on a tight budget and are expecting low to moderate traffic on your website. The price is low because there is no special allocation of resources to any single website.

2.    Great Way to Learn About Hosting

Shared hosting is the least technical of all the forms of hosting. Dedicated hosting requires multiple technical tasks, such as installation of server OS (if not already done by the hosting service provider), running scripts, security checks, maintenance of the server, etc. However, the best service providers take care of all this on your behalf. VPS hosting also requires some technical knowhow, if the service provider does not offer managed web hosting, since it requires you to configure and maintain your virtualized partition. Since the physical server houses dozens of websites, in shared hosting the entire server administration is handled by the host.

This ease of use makes shared hosting a great way to learn about web hosting in an easier form. You can learn the basics and then work from there to learn more demanding concepts, if and when you upgrade your hosting plan.

3.    Great for Personal Use

If you are an individual and aren’t expecting a lot of traffic to your website, shared hosting is an effortless option to host your website. It is great for personal use or blogging, flexible and doesn’t require much maintenance. You can also install multiple websites on the shared server, if your hosting plan supports it. Just ensure that you have a corresponding domain name for each website.

4.    Countless Upgrade Options

In the real world, many organizations start off with a shared hosting plan. As the business grows, they require more server resources, better security and greater control. This is when they upgrade from a shared server. The best hosting services offer a multitude of upgrade options in the form of VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, managed hosting, WordPress hosting, etc. You can also upgrade your shared hosting plan to accommodate more websites, include more parked domains (domain names apart from your main domain name that point to your website) and subdomains, obtain backup features, allocate more resources for your shared space, etc.

Shared hosting is a great way to start and offers you an affordable way to get started with your online presence. It allows you to make mistakes, correct them and learn from them. If you are in doubt about which type of hosting to choose from, go straight for shared hosting; you can always upgrade later!

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