5 Things You Need to Know to Become a Hacker

Hacking, as a profession, has become very popular over the years. Hackers need to have a basic understanding of a few standard procedures. Given below are 5 of the most important things that one must know before becoming a hacker and succeeding at it.

1. Different Types of Hacking:

It is essential for potential hackers to have a deep understanding of the different types of hacking, to ensure that their clear cut ideals match with the tone of these specifications. According to the popular hacker documentary it should be duly noted that hackers are classified into a white hat, grey hat, and black hat.

White hat and grey hat are those who excel in the field of ethical hacking, they are legalized personnel who can break into various documents, computers, and websites with a legal permit. Black hat hackers, on the other hand, don’t necessarily work in a legalized format. Their efficiency is very high and is sought out by several organizations.

2. Academia and Programming:

Hackers require more than just the basic knowledge of computers to succeed in their chosen field. Several schools across the globe offer top-class education to help students master the art of ethical hacking. One needs to know several programming languages to ensure that they have the upper hand in kind of situation that demands hacking.

The major languages that one must have a god hold on are, C++, JAVA, and python. Apart from this, it is also a requirement for hackers to know every nook and corner of the various operating systems, such as windows, LINUX, and iOS. It should be noted that just excelling in academics doesn’t necessarily mean that one can become an expert hacker. It is also equally important for individuals to be able to cope with extreme pressure and continue working in such situations.

3. Get Certified:

Hackers need to get certification before setting off us professionals. Companies often hire certified hackers to help with the penetrations into different sites and files that have heavy fortifications.

4. Keep Updated:

Just like any other profession, hackers need to be updated about the latest developments in their field. This would enhance their abilities and be able to hack into just about any site, computer, or document.

5. Problem Solving Skills:

Getting through complicated codes and security features could be a tedious task, and the problem-solving skills play a pivotal role in the life of a hacker. Hackers need to have a stronghold on problem-solving abilities.

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