All About MLtek and the Products They Create

MLtek has several products and others in the works. The first product they developed was ArchiverFS which you use it to deal with old files on a web server.


Unlike other archiving products on the market, MLtek did not try to store all your files in a database. Rather, they use a share that you create anywhere on your network. It is the using of NTFS from beginning to end that makes this product so reliable, fast as well as incredibly scalable. NTFS permissions are maintained on your folders and files after they have processed (unlike most database centered products) and you will get all the features that you would expect to receive with a program of this type. These include shortcuts that are able to be left behind so that users are able to recall files without having to trouble anyone in the IT department and since there is no database to store information in about any files processed, it is extremely cost-effective to use. You can move files over a WAN to a cloud service such as Google Cloud, AWS, or Azure.

Exceptional program

All of this adds up to give massive scalability at an incredible price. Customers using this product come from an assortment of businesses such as multi-billion-dollar multinational companies to smaller local governments, educational institutions, health authorities, and almost everything else in between. This program can help make the most of your current storage you have, but it can also aid you with being in regulatory compliance with programs such as Data Protection as well as the new “EU based GDPR” requirements. You can find more about ArchiverFS at

Process Controller

Their program Process Controller allows you to take control of the processes that are running on your systems. This enables you to use the processing priority engine that is already built into Windows and to control how that processor time is divided among all processes that are running. By using Process Controller, you can automatically set priorities for running processes and having them persist between reboots and process restarts, which makes systems far more responsive to the end user, an invaluable tool, especially in Citrix and Terminal Server environments. 

IP Spider

This is their new mass network routing monitor product. It does something completely unique in the world of monitoring. Rather than focus on endpoints, it is designed to monitor the network routes between endpoints. 

Cuts downtime

You can add hundreds of IP addresses and IP Spider will watch the routes to and from them, then notifying you when connectivity is lost as well as diagnose exactly where the problem is. IP Spider uses a proprietary learning engine that recognizes good vs bad routes enabling it to diagnose exactly where connectivity has been lost. It doesn’t matter where lost connectivity occurred – on the internet, down VPN tunnels, etc. it will be able to tell you. This means that it cuts the time that is often needed to restore systems that have gone down for unknown reasons. 

Beta testing

IP Spider is currently in final stages of development and MLtek will soon be needing Beta sites for testing. If you would like to take part in this part of the process please email them at [email protected]. Work is actively underway on this program, so they have already developed the monitoring engine and at this time are working on the interface and reporting functions. 

CI Search

Back almost 20 years ago, this company created a product to do “content indexing and searches” call CI search. It used “Microsoft’s Index Service” and running on only one central server could index all content on one or more file servers. It offered users a single form that was web-based and could be used to do searches of the entire file system in only fractions of a second. 

Back to development

Several years ago, they decided to halt developing this product as free options had become available that provide functions that were similar. But recently they have taken another look at the sector and have decided it is time to bring CI Search back, but this time with support to MS Exchange Server as well as file systems. Work will begin again on this program towards the end of 2019, and they hope to have a beta release ready to go by the summer of 2020. 

History of MLtek

This is a short history of MLtek and the products it has developed and others that are still being worked on. As you can see, they take their time creating products so when they are released, they will be better than their competitors in many areas. Their programs fulfill a need that is lacking, are easy to have up and running and are very cost-effective.

This is a company that also puts its clients first. If you have a problem with one of their products, they will make your problem their number one priority and help you with whatever your need is. As this field has grown, there are few companies like that around anymore. Working with MLtek is a pleasure as they have good products, are working on even better ones and are always there to support the people and companies that use them. These products are exceptional as is their work-ethic so you can be assured when buying one of their products, they will be there for you with great service after the sale. 



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