An In-Depth Guide to MilesWeb’s Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is one of the most popular ways to earn extra income. The developers have always preferred reseller hosting. It is counter-productive to resell hosting services along with developing websites for clients.

However, many entrepreneurs and other individuals have started reselling hosting services and are making it a profitable business. It has completely shattered the misconception that only professionals with technical knowledge can make earning with reseller hosting.

Presently, the web hosting business is booming, with an average of 1.8 billion websites worldwide online at the same time daily. The web hosting industry had a $102 billion market in 2020. Statistics suggest it’d reach $321.5 billion by 2025.

There are very few hosting providers that offer reseller hosting as a business opportunity. MilesWeb is one of the leading reseller hosting providers in India.

MilesWeb’s Reseller hosting

MilesWeb is one of the leading web hosting providers that provide an assortment of hosting services like cheap reseller hosting, Shared, Dedicated, Managed, Un-managed hosting services .

  • They provide 100% white-labeled reseller hosting, allowing you to market the hosting services under your brand.
  • These reseller services come with integrated control panel accounts of your choosing. You can use these accounts to manage your clients’ hosting.
  • If you are already using reseller hosting of another service provider and want to switch to MilesWeb’s hosting, they provide free migration.
  • They even provide a free SSL certificate for sites on your hosting.
  • MilesWeb support team does a regularly scheduled malware scan and removal for free.
  • They provide the hosting with CDN using Cloud flare’s Rail gun technology for faster data speeds and page loading.
  • MilesWeb can provide you backup services to help you safeguard the data of you and your clients. You have to pay nominal charges to avail the benefits of data backup and restorations.
  • They assure you of a 99.95% uptime as they have tier-3 and tier-4 data centers.
  • MilesWeb offers choices in reseller hosting based on the operating system and WHMCS. They have bifurcated these services into plans starting at ₹290 per month.

By the time you finish reading, you would know which reseller hosting plan to choose.

Linux reseller hosting

MilesWeb’s Linux reseller hosting has some of the best features a Linux-based hosting has to offer.

  • Multiple cPanel accounts.
  • Web Hosting Manager(WHM) to manage cPanel accounts.
  • 1-click installer (Softaculous) to install CMS and other applications in one click.
  • Choose among various data centers located all over the world.

MilesWeb has partnered with WHMCS and offers WHMCS license at a low cost. WHMCS is an automated billing and hosting management platform that simplifies managing multiple cPanel accounts.

Here is the payment structure for different licenses.

You can pay for the license while checking out.

MilesWeb provides managed Linux reseller hosting while taking upon duties like server monitoring, optimization, fixing your client issues, backups and free website migration. It allows you to concentrate on the business-side of your reseller hosting while they handle the technical side. MilesWeb does not charge extra for their managed reseller hosting services.

Here’s a detailed structure of their Linux reseller hosting plan:

Windows reseller hosting

MilesWeb provides Windows-based reseller hosting at almost indifferent prices like Linux reseller hosting. Some features set the two hostings apart besides the choice of the operating system. MileWeb’s Windows reseller hosting supports a wide range of scripts and languages, including ASP, ASP.NET 4.6 and 3.5, PHP 5.5, 5.4, 5.6, 7.0, Ajax Toolkit, cURL, MSSQL 2012 Express, MySQL 5.6, ionCube Loader, etc.

Some of them are:

  • Multiple accounts of Parallels Plesk.
  • Plesk’s in-built 1-click installer for the clients to install apps from the Plesk panel.
  • Complete configuration for supporting Plesk Onyx 17.x
  • Hosting on a hyper-converged infrastructure of Windows Server 2016.

MilesWeb provides a powerful and intuitive control panel exclusively for Windows reseller hosting.

Plesk is a versatile web-based control panel that eases your website management with a user-friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI). You can easily manage your Windows hosting account using Plesk. The Plesk panel allows you to access features like:

  • Managing Users
  • Websites & Domains
  • Mail
  • Applications
  • Files
  • Databases
  • Statistics
  • My Profile
  • WordPress
  • SEO Toolkit.

Here’s a gist of MilesWeb’s Windows reseller hosting plans:

WHMCS reseller hosting

MilesWeb provides exclusive reseller hosting plans with WHMCS. It imparts automated billing functions & supports ticket request handling for reseller hosting provider.

  • With WHMCS, you get automatically created invoices.
  • It even allows you to collect payments from your customers.
  • WHMCS enables you to create and manage multiple client accounts and gather clients’ data in one place.

Since WHMCS is restricted to Linux-based reseller hosting, the services you get are almost synonymous with minor variations.

  • You could host and manage multiple domains.
  • The reseller hosting would come with free integration of WHMCS.
  • You get to integrate services from Cloudflare, Symantec, RapidSSL and other reliable website security feature providers.

Check out the detailed plans for WHMCS reseller hosting by MilesWeb.

To Sum it Up

MilesWeb has established itself as a reliable reseller hosting provider that provides its services for a variety of clientele.

Their plans are affordable, and their service is top-notch. They provide managed and unmanaged reseller hosting services that make them a viable choice for developers and non-technical clients alike.

For more information or queries you can contact them at your leisure.

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