Are Location Based Apps Useful?

Location based services are used to provide entertainment, security, and information by using a smartphone’s real time geo-data. The smartphone’s GPS is used for tracking the location of people. If a person allows the apps or services to have the location of the phone, they can get the details even without manual input. There are quite a few services that use location for better experience. The use of site kit helps to explore more of location based services to make an application accessible to more people. These services can help us in daily life.

Fraud prevention

Financial frauds have become common and problematic. Especially when it involves a credit card, a significant amount of money can be looted. Location based services help to provide added security to a credit card. This security is provided by matching the location of the transaction made through the card and the location of the smartphone of the concerned customer. Once you tie up the location of your smartphone to your credit card, the location details of the transaction is also available. When fraudulent transactions are made from several geographic locations within a short period of time, the location of the smartphone helps to flag these. This warns you of suspicious activity and enables you to notify the issuing company. 

Managing mobile workforce

Companies especially logistics which deploy employees at different location can make great use of location services. It helps the individuals to check in with their smartphones. 

Roadside assistance

Car issues on deserted roads are common and location based services are of great help in such cases. Many companies make use of location to track your vehicle down to send help immediately. There is no need for manual direction from the side of the customer. Just allow the app to get your location and you will get help from the companies.


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