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As several new owners, when they first launched their website people probably wanted shared hosting. This is the cheapest option, after all, and the budget is important. However, with the growth of the website, it is important to know whether anything big can be upgraded. People may face an increase in immediate traffic shortly or anticipate development. Dedicated servers and their improved safety features and possible beneficial effects on page loading times are perfect for this.

A way to provide tremendous power for growth –

Dedicated hosting simply means the website has its server. It provides tremendous power and versatility but is generally premium. For this purpose, before they opt for this type of plan, it is necessary to conduct research. Most websites begin with a common hosting plan but soon go beyond the limits of the low cost shared plan. They can involve upgrading to a dedicated virtual private server. To enjoy this service, people must get in touch with WeHaveServers.

Medium ground for upgrades 

As people already know, the shared hosting stores the website on hundreds of other servers. This choice is sufficient for personal blogs or very small companies. But it’s not the best output alternative, and people lose control because they can’t customize stuff themselves. On the other hand, a VPS offers the site a different room and shares a server, separate from other pages. As the user site is blocked from other users, it will probably be more reliable in its results. Users can also achieve a little more flexibility in the configuration of the server. Such plans will provide users with the speed that they need at a lower price than dedicated hosting, and are the right medium ground for upgraders. The dedicated hosting is therefore the plan to choose if users need the most power for their money. However, the drawback is an expense, as they would assume, and some are up to three digits a month.

If the site strives to sustain its traffic growth, it might be the time that its website is transferred to a special server. It is significant. In essence, this is a server that hosts the website only and can not only boost the performance of the site but also improve page loading times and allow users to optimize security.

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