Expand Your Offerings with the Help of Your Laser Cutter and Engraver

When a person thinks of engraved items, wood products likely come to mind. Wood remains the preferred choice of many individuals, as it is easy to engrave and lumber prices have been low for the past few years. However, they are on the rise now, leading many people to look at alternatives for wood. When they do so, they often discover new markets they may wish to enter. The following serve as a few of the many markets a person might want to investigate to grow their laser engraving business.

Plastic Signs

Walk into any business today and signs will be everywhere a person turns. Many of these signs come in handwritten versions and detract from the visual appeal of the environment. Most people glance at these signs and continue on their way. Business owners aren’t fond of them either but don’t know where to order plastic signs to replace the handwritten ones.

Men and women with access to a Boss Laser engrave and cutter need to consider this. The market needs plastic signs that provide the desired message while adding to the ambiance of the business, and laser engraved signs meet both criteria. Interior and exterior signs benefit from the use of a laser engraver, and a company finds they may create wayfinding signs, counter signs, and nameplates among others. Engraving plastic comes at a very low cost, allowing the laser engraving business to turn a nice profit.

Name Badges

Another great project for laser engravers involves making name badges. Most businesses today require employees to wear a name badge so they can easily be identified by customers and other employees. However, small businesses often use inferior materials to create the badges, as they worry about investing money in a name tag for a person who might not be with the company for long. Provide them with name badges at an affordable price and you will have a customer for life. They’ll return when they need other laser engraved items, such as the plastic signs mentioned above.


Sports teams are known for passing out trophies to winning teams. Many children’s leagues today provide a trophy for every player, as they don’t want a child’s self-esteem damaged because they didn’t take the top spot. However, this isn’t the only place a person will find trophies. Spelling bees, beauty pageants, and county fairs might provide these items to participants or winners. Help them create name plaques for these trophies, ones that truly show the accomplishments of the recipient.

With the help of a laser cutter and engraver, people find they can add the person’s name and their accomplishment on the plaque. They may also add a logo or the team mascot on the plaque. Trophy shops find they save time and money by using a laser cutter and engraver rather than a mechanical engraving machine. This helps to keep costs down, which the trophy buyers are sure to appreciate.

Look around and see the many ways in which a laser engraving machine can improve someone’s life. Individuals who do so often find they have new markets to enter, as they have products that can fill a need in these markets. Check them out today and watch your business grow in ways you never imagined.

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