How A Digital Marketer Integrates Into The Dynamic Marketing Team Environment?

Marketing is a team effort, especially when your marketing plan tends to be content intensive. This type of heavy content marketing effort is often known as inbound marketing. When your marketing involves many areas in inbound marketing and a lot of work in content creation, you should better have a central person who is capable to coordinate everything and every persons in either a fixed marketing department or a remote/flexible marketing team. This person in the role should usually be an all-rounded digital marketer who already possesses he required technical background knowledge and experience.

Assume the digital marketing strategy is for targeting a local market such as Hong Kong.

The role of a typical digital marketer (Hong Kong) or digital marketing manager usually has the following responsibilities.

Develop an overall strategy which includes all the appropriate marketing channels (to acquire new users in Hon Kong). At the step, no budget should yet be considered.

Develop and monitor the budget of all marketing campaigns.

Create and oversee all aspect of the company’s digital marketing department (or work), and in some cases the company’s all marketing activities.

Identify exactly what data you will need the analytics tool to measure/track. Before actually going into the marketing activities, make a plan to set up the required analytics. Usually installing Google Analytics is the minimum basic requirement. Make sure the right tracking codes are created and added to the right places on the website. Not only to take care of Google Analytics for tracking data for the website as overall, but each internet marketing channel/source (with advertising budgets) may require setting up of additional

Plan and manage the social media organic and paid campaigns and also learn youtube video marketing tips.

Plan and manage the paid search campaigns (i.e. search engine marketing).

Coordinate with the team or individual who works on the search engine optimization (SEO) of the company website, whether the team is remote, or the individual is a outsourced contractor/consultant.

Plan/schedule the email marketing campaigns that are going to happen for the whole upcoming year. Coordinate with the designer team and copywriting team to create the required email materials and copies.

Plan/schedule the product promotion campaigns while dealing with external third party suppliers for vouchers, coupons, or gifts. Work with designers and content writers to produce the design and written materials.

Compile data reports to reflect the performance of all the internet marketing campaigns (of the Hong Kong market), including high-level for management staffs, and detailed-level reports for optimization purposes. The reports would include visual reports, and reports in complicated spreadsheet format.

Analyze the detailed-level data reports, and (when necessary) create reports with specific granular details for the discovery of opportunities for the optimization of any internet marketing campaigns.

Keep an eye on and identify the latest new technology trends that would affect the digital marketing industry.

Take initiative to propose to the tech development team for the development of tools and/or technology that would enhance the overall marketing efforts in the long run.

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