Covid-19 has definitely aided in monitoring the online activity in a specific manner.  With the right software, the dream of working from home has become the new normal.  The covid outbreak has definitely accelerate the work evolution and remote working is now being accepted as a normal way of working.  There have been extensive methods of social distancing all over the world as many countries have been badly hit by the pandemic.  Get started now and find out on how remote team working can become the new normal and how you could get results out of it.

People have accepted this normal and many of the day to day activities beginning with shopping, learning, dining, exercising and so on can be carried out without having to leave the comfort zone of their homes.  Remote work has become the new keyword for working.

With many companies shutting down their brick and mortar establishments, employees are requested to work from their homes.  Remote work has become common and is being widely accepted and it has shown adequate productivity.  It has enabled corporates to not only save on the resources with regards to commuting of employees, infrastructures but also the energy that they would save which could be used for quality work.

So how effective is remote working?  Just a decade back, we could not even imagine working from home on a day to day basis. We all dreaded productivity loss.  How could the employees deliver the optimal results and be productive without any constant supervision?

With integration of varied employee monitoring solutions and technologies, remote working is now effective and its efficacy has been proven over the last few months.  As per the survey that is conducted, remote work culture has not only helped in reducing the overhead expenses, but it has brought about immense employee satisfaction to the employees.  The health crisis that occurred has led to this work from home culture and people have willingly or unwillingly accepted the transition in a positive manner.  Though, one is never sure about how the future will hold when it comes to the future of working from home. Even if the social distancing guidelines will be uplifted, there may still be remote working that may continue.

Over a period of time, employees will slowly start getting adjusted to the normal work structure, once things get back to normal.  Many companies are slowly thinking about modifying their working environment.

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