How Do You Register a Company in Australia?

There are numerous advantages to registering your business in Australia. Meanwhile, Australia has a robust and stable economy, encountering positive sequential development crossing 26 years. Australia’s business culture is well-organised and has a firm world of politics. 

English is the authoritative language of Australia and New Zealand, and the two nations come in the top five freest economies on the planet. They have responsive business sectors and both warmly welcome foreign investors and businesses. This article will help you on the topic of how to register a company in Australia. Besides, New Zealand practises the same registration process.

Register Your Business/Company in Australia

The initial step to registering your business in Australia is getting an ACN (Australian Company Number). You should get an ACN before you get your Australian Business Name (ABN). This is important while building up your business structure. 

Australia accommodatingly leverages the usages of online services to register your company efficiently. The Business Registration Service provides an all-inclusive online resource for getting your ACN, ABN, and affirming your organisation name. Moreover, the Business Registration Service can likewise handle process tax registration applications. 

Utilising ASIC Connect to Enrol a Business Name

ASIC is Australia’s coordinated corporate, markets, monetary services, and consumer credit controller. You can register your business name online with ASIC independently or through the Business Registration Service mentioned earlier. 

ASIC attempts at streamlining the registration processes for a start-up business that gives confidence to foreign investors and novice entrepreneurs. This framework additionally attempts at improving transparency between enlisted organisations, national authorities, and people in general. 

Steps to Register Your Business Name/Organisation in Australia

  • Login to ASIC Connect and register your business name under the ‘Licenses and Registrations’ tab at the highest point of the page. 
  • Insert your Australian Business Number (ABN); you should have an Australian business number or have applied for an ABN to enlist a business name. When you enter your ABN, please do not leave the page as it may end the process without finishing it. 
  • Enter the proposed business name. Enter the proposed business name precisely as you might want it to show up on the register. You should never forget that business names are case-sensitive. 
  • Select the enlistment period. You are permitted to register a business for 1 – 3 years. After this period, you should opt for a renewal. 
  • Enter the name of the business holder’s subtleties. Try to incorporate the business holders’ date of birth too. 
  • Enter the proposed physical address of your business. If you don’t have a physical address, you can enter your own address. 
  • Ensure that you meet all the requirements to get the business name. The holder must not be associated with any criminal offences. This is laid out in the Business Names Registration Bill 2011.
  • Confirm the payment and process and your transaction details. Once you are done with everything, you will have to pay the fee for your application. The application fee is $479. 
  • After the final transaction, you will receive a confirmation email that will acknowledge the submission of your application. 

Bottom Line

If you are running short of time and finding this process lengthy, you can ask a reliable agency for help. These days, many services are helping start-up owners to register a company in Australia. However, before hiring a service, don’t forget to determine its credibility and efficiency.

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