How to increase traffic to your blog without wasting any money on ads


Every blogger wants to attract a decent amount of traffic to one’s blog. But the challenge is how to increase traffic without wasting any extra money on ads. It is quite hard to compete in today’s market. Whatever niche you pick, you will face a considerable amount of competition. But there are still ways that can help you generate more and more traffic every month.

What are the ways?

There are two really good ways to increase traffic on your blog without using any money:

  1. SEO – You might have already known this method. It is called search engine optimization. It is the single best way to generate traffic without spending any money on ads. It is the method or process of trying to rank your blog high in the search results of a search engine.
  2. SMO – Social media optimization or SMO is the method of trying to rank your social media profiles higher in the search results of different social media platforms. It is a more complicated method but it does produce results.

What you should do

If you are just getting started then it is better that you focus most on the SEO. First you must try to get some traffic with the help of SEO only. Once you start generating some revenue, you can think about posting ads as well.

How to SEO

For SEO purpose, try to create to create content that brings some type of value to the people. Also attach some internal and external links to your articles. Search engine algorithms believe that you are creating genuine and useful content if you do that. Also try to put some sort of reward in your content like you will receive this if you click here and so on.

Try to apply these methods and you will notice that you are getting more traffic than before.

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