Cloud storage nodejs is among the most scalable and maintenance-free solutions. If one integrates the Cloud storage SDK they can store high volumes of data including images, audios, and videos that are generated by the user himself and stored in the cloud or downloaded from the cloud. To build an app that can integrate Cloud storage nodejs capabilities, one can use codelab. The application will automatically allow the users to upload or download files to and from the cloud to a local path by calling the APIs. To build this application one needs a Mode.js development environment, the basic skills in Node.js and JavaScript, and a developer account that is registered.

Integration is a very important step while building the application and thus while using cloud storage. To get done with the integration one can create a project in the App gallery Connect and download the project credentials. After that, an NPM project should be initialized. Before the process of integration is initiated one needs to enable the Cloud storage nodejs to connect. For this, the user has to sign in to the App Gallery to connect and click on My projects. Select the project for which one needs to enable the Cloud storage and then go to build. On this page click on the enable button and set the storage location. On this storage location, all the data that the user puts in will be automatically saved.

To integrate the Cloud storage SDK into the Node.js project before developing it further, there is a process that is to be followed. These steps are-

  1. The user initially has to sign in to AppGallery Connect and click on My projects.
  2. After that search and click on the required project.
  3. Access the server SDK page and click on the project settings.
  4. After accessing, create or download an API authentication credential.
  5. Change the authentication file and copy it into another required directory.
  6. Open the package in the NPM project.
  7. After adding the required dependency, run the program and install it.

 To import the cloud storage SDK one has to import the Connect module and import the authentication credential at the code entry. The path has to be changed and the JSON file has to be given its actual value. The functions of the related APIs and the cloud storage SDK can be developed by the user himself like initializing the storage instance. Before one uses CloudStorage APIS, the need to initialize the cloud storage, storage instance, and file instance as per the requirement. Though there are specific functions for different activities that are to be performed, one can also upload the file and download it. To download the file one has to call the downloadFile() method which will download the file that was last uploaded from the cloud server to a local path. This file is automatically saved in a specified localFile.

Many metadata operations will help in obtaining the file metadata. It will also be modified by itself. Some other features include obtaining the File list and File deletion.

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