Sales is an ever-evolving profession. Hence, aspirants should always keep a tab on these changes and prepare accordingly. This article talks about the skills that a job hopeful in the sales department should develop to ace a sales recruitment interview.

How different is the sales environment from other departments?

  1. Competitive field: Competition is an inevitable part of sales. In other words, it is a constant tug of war between competitive representatives to get a prospect’s attention and time so that they can persuade him to buy their products or services.
  2. Rejection: A sales representative should have the ability to deal with rejection well. A prospect can be rude, agitated or even hostile and hence coping with rejection always becomes a necessity.
  3. Lack of control: A sales representative or a salesperson can only persuade a prospect. The final decision is always taken by the prospect, who can decide whether to buy or not buy a product or service. A good salesperson should always have this in mind and be capable enough not to feel overwhelmed by continuous rejections or futile persuading.
  4. Time: Time is important both for the salesperson and potential customers. Hence, he should have the ability to communicate effectively within a short period. Beating around the bush and not getting to the point can irritate potential customers.

What are some essential skills needed to be a good salesperson?

  1. Understanding the buyer: Understanding a buyer refers to knowing a customer’s expectations and then bringing out an effective strategy capable of exceeding a buyer’s demand. This isn’t always as easy as it sounds. A quick way is to ask the customer about his needs and then build the product’s image accordingly.
  2. Communicate to compel: After knowing a customer’s expectation, the salesperson should have the presence of mind to act or communicate accordingly. For instance, if a buyer is interested in a free trial, the salesperson should choose a product that is easy to set up and hence have a maximum positive response from the customers.
  3. Understanding and implementation of customer psychology: A perfect understanding of customer psychology can increase customer engagement. For instance, a customer can begin his communication but talking about how he won’t take more than 5 minutes to talk about the product. Listening and affirming to the customer is an effective way to validate him and make him feel important. Asking follow-up questions is also a way to make the customer feel important.
  4. Ability to gain customer trust: It is one of the core skills that a good salesperson should develop. It can always be achieved by having an understanding of customer psychology and taking actions accordingly.
  5. Concise Speaker: A salesperson who talks too much doesn’t lure customers anymore but irritates them. As people living in a busy world, nobody wants their time to go futile. Hence, a salesperson should learn to be a concise speaker.
  6. Compelling Storyteller: Even though people are busy, no one can say no to a compelling story. A good salesperson should know how to hook customers’ attention through a story within the shortest period. A compelling larger story that subtly connects to the product is always a good start.
  7. Gain expertise in Phone Sales: As door-to-door sales are becoming less and less popular each day, job hopefuls in the sales department should develop their skill to manage phone sales effectively. They should learn to measure cadence in the customer’s voice and implement effective communication strategies accordingly.

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