As you know, as the most popular console, Nintendo Switch is finally hacked by a hack group. And he offers us a paid CFW called Xecuter SX OS. Of course, for many French players, a free method to crack Switch is more attractive. Therefore, there are some free CFWs on the market, such as Atmosphere, ReiNX, etc. but what is the best choice?

Atmosphère CFW

Atmosphère is a CFW (custom firmware) for hackable Nintendo Switch consoles which include devices vulnerable to fusee-gelee (RCM hack) and ipatched units running FW 4.1.0 (support for firmwares up to 9.0.0).

Atmosphère consists of multiple components, each of which replaces/modifies a different component of the system:

  • Fusée: First-stage Loader, responsible for loading and validating stage 2 (custom TrustZone) plus package2 (Kernel/FIRM sysmodules), and patching them as needed. This replaces all functionality normally in Package1loader/NX Bootloader.
    • Sept: Payload used to enable support for runtime key derivation on 7.0.0.
  • Exosphère: Customized TrustZone, to run a customized Secure Monitor
  • Thermosphère: EL2 EmuNAND support, i.e. backing up and using virtualized/redirected NAND images
  • Stratosphère: Custom Sysmodule(s), both Rosalina style to extend the kernel/provide new features, and of the loader reimplementation style to hook important system actions
  • Troposphère: Application-level Horizon OS patches, used to implement desirable CFW features


This is a free CFW file created by the developer Reisyukaku and comes back to the fore. Go to the basement with his promise, ReiNX, a CFW bootloader. In the manner of Hekate at launch, it is not a complete CFW and is not based on an atmospheric construction implemented. Currently, this allows us to change the boot screen and it can start the hb menu.


Modularity (doesn’t rely on or require any SD files to run; customize SD files to your liking)

Loads all KIPs from /ReiNX/sysmodules/ directory

Optional custom kernel/secmon/warmboot

FS patches on the fly (NCA verify/cmac and optional nogc)

Kernel patches on the fly (optional debug mode)

Exclusive ReiNX sysmodules

ES patch in RXP patch format (used with custom loader.kip)

Xecuter SX OS CFW


  • Compatible with games outside the regions
  • Compatible with all Nintendo Switch consoles
  • Real-time game change support
  • More features to come

Advantages SX OS

  • All games supported: With SX OS, you can play all your favorite apunka games by only downloading XCI roms from the microSD card inserted into your Nintendo Switch.
  • Powerful Compatibility: With a CFW SX operating system, you can easily boot into the normal Nintendo Switch firmware to enjoy your original games and support an OFW to run the games.
  • Great adaptability: The SX operating system is compatible with all Switch consoles, all firmware versions, until version 8.1
  • Homebrew Launcher support: With SX OS, you can install a homebrew on your Switch to take advantage of third-party applications and features.
  • Official Lifetime Support Service: The SX OS license and updates are free for life by Team Xecuter.

In short, although we have more and more free methods to crack Nintendo Switch, we can not guarantee all the security. The ban risk still exists once you have hacked your console. On the other hand, it is not easy to install a free CFW file like this one. Therefore, for beginners, SX OS is the best choice. This is a license of the Nintendo Switch hacking software. This product allows you to install a third-party program for Switch hacker on your console. You might be able to get a code to download files from the internet after ordering this product from a seller. If you want to buy Xecuter SX OS, I propose you our site love-gamecard, it is always the best choice for you in France.

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