Tips and Tricks for players in League of Legends (Lol)

Playing League of Legends for a dedicated time will help you to learn many new things, such as which character you should opt for, which skill to use against which enemy, which magic spell to you, which field can you play much better than the other, etc. The champion that you use and the skills it has takes a lot of practice and hundreds of matches to make you a professional player. Once you have the experience in the game, you can try your luck in one of the many tournaments and events that are held specifically for LOL. Being a pro player in LOL is definitely not a walk in the park. You will have to spend a lot of time only on this game.

Buy Totem Wards and Control Wards in-game

Wards are a very important item for gameplay and if properly used can provide you a vision, which is a very important part of the game to achieve victory. Preplanning the strategy and position can make the way to the win. You should predict the enemy moves to defeat them. Knowing where your enemy in the game is a very important part as it saves you from any attack. Once you know the enemy location, you can attack them anytime and the destruction will be massive. You also get free rewards in the game that allows you to see the enemy movements from far away. If you detect army closing in, its preferrable to defend rather than attack or many of your teammates will be lost. Getting an additional attack can be very useful to track enemy movement. Do purchase it if you have gold left in the gaming account.

Use booster services to boost your rank

The current rank system in the game includes multiple ranks. If you are not able to put a lot of time in the gameplay to increase your rank, you can opt for elo boost league of legends, also known as MMR (Matchmaking Rating) boosting, which is a service in which a high elo player will increase someone else’s in-game rank by “boosting” them. This will help you to gain ranks with extra items and skills.

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