Tips To Taking Slow Shutter Speed Photographs

Some people often feel that photography is magical because of his ability to freeze a particular time and keep it forever. Photography connects more than just reliving the moment. The images will capture in photography goes a long way to affect thousands of lives. The pictures which can now reach the world and communicate different values and information. In this article, we shall deliberate on how to do slow shutter speed photography before editing the photo with free lightroom alternatives.

Slow Shutter Speed Photography

There are many ways through which slow shutter speed photography can be done. The procedures in doing slow shutter speed photography include Adjusting your shutter speed, Using a high ISO, Panning, and Chronophotography.

Shutter Speed

You have to use fast shutter speed to take the photo if the subject is moving too quickly. A shutter speed that is at least 1/500th of a bit higher can be perfect for grabbing the picture. When you use fast shutter speeds to get the picture, the image which is produced can be underexposed to light as the light that enters the light sensors is relatively low. To counter the lesser views, increase the aperture on the camera. This will help you overcome the shortcomings of the lowlights. I’m so when you use faster shutter speed, make use of the flash with your motion short to counter the effects of the low light.

High ISO

Using a high ISO decreases the chances of getting a dark photo. On the other hand, using high ISO’s can make your picture grainy with a lot of digital noise.


Panning allows you to follow a moving subject with your camera to capture a slow photograph.   You can read more here

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