What are the Advantages of a Standing Desk?

The contemporary modern society is designed for sitting in most of the activities like work, study, travel, socialize, driving, eating or watching television etc. everybody does them in the sitting position. Eventually, wherever you go you would be first asked to sit. As per a study, a typical office worker spends around 15 hours of his or her days’ time by sitting in comparison to agriculture workers who spend an average of 3 hours sitting. Sitting typically limits the calories you burn whereas non-exercise activities like standing, walking, even fidgeting still burn calories. In this context, stand up desk is one of the most important and essential elementsin relation to weight loss as well as several diseases like diabetes, heart disease etc.

The standing desk also popularly called astand-up desk is a desk which allows you to sit and stand whenever you feel comfortable while working. Most of the standing desks are adjustable versions where you can change the height of the desk as per your choice and stand and sit whenever you feel like. These desks are known as height-adjustable desks or sit and stand desks. The standing desks have enormous health-related benefits and they increase productivity.

It has been already proved that standing desk lowers the risk of weight gain and weight gain and obesity-related diseases. Burning more calories in comparison to the total intake of calories eventually results in weight loss. Though exercises are the most effective way for burning maximum calories faster than any other procedures, simple standing can also result in burning calories up to some extent in comparison to maximum setting. A study has shown that an afternoon standing work burns 170 additional calories which are almost 1000 extra calories burnt in a week by just standing at your desk each afternoon.

You will be amazed to know that the standing desk helps you lower your blood sugar especially if you are with insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes. In a general understanding blood sugar increases after your food intake or after lunch. In a study where 10 workers were made to work for 180 minutes on standing desks after the lunch was reported with 43% reduced sugar in comparison to other sitting and working for the same amount of time.

There are benefits of standing desks like they reduce the threat of heart disease, back pain, improve mood and level of energy, boost productivity, and above all it helps you live longer.

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