YouTube for motivation and inspiration

The past year has been difficult for people all over the world for reasons known to all. The pandemic had brought various problems that would not just solve themselves. This resulted in a sharp decline of mental health for people and the result was without borders, spreading indiscriminately. Well seeking psychological help is not as easy as seeking help for a physical problem. That is because it has been stigmatized and called not normal hence people just tend to not do anything about it. Well, that is where this article will be of a bit of help. As we all know YouTube is the biggest platform for sharing videos of any kind ranging from cooking to music to sports to gaming and even motivational and inspirational. Listen to people taking about things can potentially help certain people is no way a bad thing and should be done regardless of if someone is suffering from depression or not. Videos do not need to be watched all the time as you can convert it to mp3 using YouTube to mp3 converter and listen to it on the fly. Furthermore, with the 2 billion people that regularly visit YouTube these videos can also be spread throughout the globe. Hence look at some channels which do the good work.


You do not have to be confined to a single opportunity as an entrepreneur — Karlie Kloss is a prime example of how you can pursue several projects and interests, even in completely different industries. Kloss is a supermodel and entrepreneur. She has walked for the most iconic brands in the fashion world, but it is her entrepreneurial involvement that’s even more impressive.

Her YouTube channel is a mix of tech reviews, adventure and information pertaining to her program Kode With Klossy, which is a coding initiative that provides opportunities and education for young women interested in computer science. She also has a healthy line of cookies ranging from gluten-free to vegan that benefit the CFDA and FEED. She can be considered a rock star because of cool she is and a great example to draw motivation from.

Tanner J. Fox

He found success by selling on Amazon FBA. Tanner J Fox cannot be considered a self-proclaimed online guru but his channel is a breath of fresh air. He does not use nonsense to draw people in and entrepreneurs who are interested in showcasing lifestyle content can use his channel as an inspirational base for their own content.

Neil Patel

Patel is one of the top online marketing experts, and his YouTube channel is packed with valuable information. There is constantly new content being uploaded, which is no surprise — Patel is always ahead of the curve and clearly knows that video content is where the attention is right now, along with podcasts, which he is also going all-in on. This channel is a great source of information, with plenty of information that can be applied immediately to your business. Watching Patel’s frequent videos provides you with actionable online marketing strategies that can work very well if applied correctly. There is no guessing or speculation as Patel himself has implemented them himself across his several businesses and online ventures.

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