5 Tips to Create Practical and Stylish Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor dining spots have a dreamy charm of their own. Many sidewalk cafes and rooftop bars are built on the concept of providing people with a beautiful outdoor setting to relax. Many people have much space in their exteriors, which they can convert into an aesthetic dining area. But while it’s relaxing to spend some time amid nature, you need to be cautious about the sun. When designing such a spot, there’s a need to include some kind of shade in your design plan—for example, installing shade sails or an old-fashioned style umbrella. 

So, here are easy yet realistic ways to create comfortable and cosy areas outdoors:

1. Choose the Perfect Location

Your outdoor seating area should be in an ideal location outdoors. Paying attention to the location is very important as you will be spending lots of time with your friends and family there. Since it is an outdoor dining spot, ensure that it is not very far away from your kitchen. You should also have ample space for everyone to move around freely. Also, ensure that the area is both physically and visually clutter-free. Along with a source of shade and comfortable furniture like chairs and benches, don’t forget about strong flooring. 

2. Shade Your Spot

When dining outdoors, you have to be careful about the weather. No one likes to eat with the sun beating down on their back. So, you can add a boost of natural shade with the aid of a tree or by arranging multiple shade sails. You can use any number of them to achieve varying amounts of coverage. Install a big fireplace, some plush seating arrangements, and the place is ready for guests.

3. Use Layers

Layering decorative accents like rugs, string lights, and seating arrangements in different patterns can make any dining spot’s outside inviting. Although it is not possible to have décor in soft material during bad weather, you can utilise various designs for sprucing up an outdoor space for a dinner party. Experiment with different cushion styles and curtains made of waterproof material for an effortless and chic look. This way, you will be able to create a place that will look guest-ready all the time.

4. Pick a Theme

A theme brings an element of harmony in any space. Hence, it’s best to make a bold statement when dining out. For this, you can pick a strong colour and use it as your colour palette. For example, you can make the colour pink a dominant shade of your walls, furniture items, and rugs. You can also experiment with mix-matched chairs. And during summers, you can think about a natural muted theme; it will make the atmosphere lighter and more relaxed. A pergola can also be used to demarcate eating or seating areas, as it’s a great way of bringing a creative architectural element to your space.

5. Play With Plants

Plants have been an essential part of any architectural arrangement. They work to enhance the architecture of any space in varying ways. You should choose those plants that are suited to your conditions and add some hanging planters with beautiful flowers to instantly transform your outdoor spaces. Greenery always brightens up the look of any space. So, add flowers in dazzling colours to make the place colourful, as they impart a romantic ambience to the whole area. 

Crafting the perfect outdoor space is not very difficult when you come to think about it carefully. It only needs some planning and investing in the right décor pieces. 

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