Cyber Security Companies: 6 Ironclad Ways to Boost Cyber Security

How strong is your company’s cybersecurity? Studies show that 90% of Australian businesses and departments have been the victims of cyberattacks, according to the Australian Cyber Security Centre. In fact, many of the country’s largest companies experience daily hack attacks. You can protect your company’s information, finances, and reputation through options like cyber security companies. Here are some basic yet effective ways to boost your company’s cyber security:

Use multi-factor authentication

Many internet users make the wrong assumption that having a strong password is enough to keep their accounts safe. This is a good start. However, it’s better to use two-factor authentication. There are various ways hackers can try to guess your password.

However, multi-factor authentication provides an extra layer of protection to help avoid security breaches. There are different types that involve methods like linking a cell phone number to your email or social account.

Secure your smartphone and tablet

It’s not only important to secure your desktop/laptop but also your mobile devices. Start by using strong passwords.

You should also take other steps. Switch off Bluetooth and avoid public Wi-Fi. When you download anything, make sure to be cautious. Be extra careful when using social media platforms since cybercriminals might use complex methods to trick users.

Watch out for phishing scams

In 2019 scams cost Australians over AUD634 million. Phishing scams are one of the biggest cybersecurity threats to watch out for. The main reason is they can be tough to catch.

Here’s how they work. A hacker poses as a person the victim is familiar with. They might try to trick them by clicking on a dangerous link, opening malicious software, or providing account passwords.

When receiving emails, make sure to look closely for fake emails that are close to the real ones of your friends and family. You should also look for any major grammar errors in the emails. Another trick is to hover your mouse over a link to see its destination.

Think before clicking

The average Aussie computer user performs thousands of mouse clicks per day. However, it’s important for employees to use caution when pressing the mouse button. The reason is clicking on the “wrong” hyperlink for web pages, videos, or photos can cause various kinds of damage to your computer or phone.

There are various ways you can receive these malicious links, which include email and social media platforms. It’s always important for employees to review the sender and know how to spot dodgy links. This can help to keep their devices as safe as possible from dangers like malware.

Visit secure websites

When connecting your device to any website, first verify if it’s a secure site. This involves the website address starting with “https” instead of “http”. You should also look for a small icon near the web browser’s address bar. This is a visual sign that the website is secured.

If you connect to an insecure site, it can cause a lot of issues such as malware and ransomware. Thus, it’s worth taking a few seconds to look for the padlock icon.

Back up data

Today there are several options, including:

  • DVDs
  • USBs
  • Cloud storage
  • External drives

Today it’s quite easy and affordable to back up important data. Make sure to back it up at a physical location as well as the cloud. This makes it easy to recover data when necessary.

These basic steps can help to protect data through strong passwords, secure servers, and mouse clicks. There are other options like cyber security companies to keep your personal and business data super-safe and secure.

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