What are the Major Steps in Product Design Process?

Product design is a process where designers are formulating ideas, creating a new vision of a specific product that answers the needs of the consumers or the end-users. It is important that you have an experienced and capable product design team on your back to design the steps.

There are six major steps included when formulating a product design. This article will guide you and give you more ideas on the major steps in formulating a product design.

Six major steps in creating product designs:

Know the trend

The first step in creating a good product design is knowing the trend in this generation. In this process, brainstorming and sharing of ideas are helpful. Knowing the needs of the end-user will give you more ideas to start the design. Conducting research and even checking competitors’ products are also part of this step.

Present your idea

This is the second step in formulating a product design. After gathering the information you need, this is the time where a group of people discuss their research. This is the process where a group of people are presenting their proposals from the research they made. This is one way of screening ideas to eliminate those designs that do not meet the client’s requirement.

Feasibility Study

The purpose of this step is to test the impact of the ideas on the market and economy. The study includes market analysis which is knowing the volume of consumers that will use the product. It also includes the understanding of buying patterns in the market. The study will also tackle technical and strategic analysis, focusing on how feasible the product is in the materials, manufacturing process, available technology, and the likes. In this stage, a budget plan is also considered and discussed. We need to make sure that the proposed design meets the requirement in a sustainable budget.


This is the fourth major process in Product designing. This is where proposals are built into prototypes. A prototype Is a sample or a model of the proposed product. With the help of Design engineers, this is where they check and test the prototypes. Revising and retesting are done in this stage. Formulating the designs of the physical appearance are also discussed and created in this stage. Examples are the shape, size, colour and style of the product.

Trial and Error

After the prototype is tested and revised, the next stage is the pilot runs and testing stage. This is where the manufacturing process is made. It is also the stage where finalising the design of the product is made from continuous testing. Testing includes the market and performance of the product.

Final Design

This is the last major stage when creating a product design. The final designs are built from ideas to reality. The detailed drawings, colour, and specifications are made with new technologies and innovative designers. This stage also includes the product’s launching after the series of tests by intelligent and well-visioned design engineers. The focus is on how the end-user approaches the product.

When creating a new product design, it is important to know the needs and wants. It is always imperative to give what is best for the consumer. Knowing the market strategies, new technologies, your target audience, and experts’ help, new designs are formulated. To satisfy the consumer, you need to focus on the right features and how they will benefit your consumers.

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