When Do You Need the Service of a Structural Engineer?

Research by Westpac has revealed a new trend of home renovation in Australia. According to the study, almost a third of Australians plan to renovate their homes in the next five years. The top reasons to renovate the homes are three-fold;

  • The primary reason is that renovating is cheaper than buying a house
  • Renovating to adjust to the changing requirements due to the pandemic
  • Renovating to fulfil the desire to stay in the same area.

Safe to say that many people living in Sydney, the most populated city in Australia, will remodel their homes in the next five years. The increase in the number of remodelling projects has led to an increase in demand for structural engineering in Sydney

Structural engineers work closely with Architects to design the structure or skeletal system of the building. Their core function is to make sure that the building maintains its stability and core structure. If you want to erect or make any changes to the structure, such an engineer’s role is crucial. A structural engineer provides their inputs from the planning stage. They determine the construction design, plan the execution of the project and regularly monitor the production.

But when do you need to hire a structural engineer? 

There are various instances when consulting a structural engineer comes in handy. So, here are some situations when property owners might need the services of structural engineers.

1. Renovations

When you decide to make changes or improvements to the home that involve altering the house’s structure, consulting a structural engineer becomes essential. Hiring the engineer ensures that the contractors are provided with accurate structural drawings and calculations. This safeguards the structure of the house. Moreover, engineers alter the structure in adherence to the building codes and all the regulations. 

If you are making changes to any of the internal walls, fitting solar panels, converting to lofts, modifying the position of doors and windows, then consulting a professional structural engineer is a must. 

If you are still contemplating the need for an engineer, just assume that a structural engineer must review anything modified in the building’s structure. 

2. When Altering the Layout or Building Additions

Suppose you are remodelling your home to make additions like extending the bedroom, a garage, or studio space. In that case, a structural engineer will make the design to incorporate new structural elements into the current foundations. They will also identify the weight-bearing walls in the home and how the proposed remodelling will affect these walls, and the structural integrity of the building. Then, with their advice and counsel, interior designers and architects can design the remodelling project accordingly. 

3. For Inspection of the Property

If you are a current homeowner or a prospective buyer in the market to purchase a new home, it is essential to inspect the house’s structural integrity that you live in or to plan to buy. Even if any kind of damage is found in the foundation or structure, then consultation of a structural engineer becomes essential to determine the seriousness of the damage and how to fix the damage. Structural Engineers are qualified to inspect the property to identify any structural issues such as sagging roofline, uneven flooring, or cracks in walls. If there are any issues, they advise homeowners on how these problems affect the house and fix these issues.

So, it is best to seek the counsel of a professional structural engineer when it comes to remodelling, altering the structure, or inspecting the property. It is not difficult to find experts in structural engineering in Sydney since there are many firms and professionals in the city. 

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