How to Make Use of Technology in Your Golden Years

Many top-notch tech gurus believe the world is embarking on another golden age of technology. People in their golden years have the opportunity to amplify their retirement with today’s technology. According to Statista, by 2050, 22% of America’s population will consist of people 65 years or older. 

It’s safe to assume that by 2050 our technology will be so advanced that everyone will be using technology in their golden years. But here’s how today’s seniors can make use of technology in their golden years. 

Learn something new

According to Harvard Medical School, learning a new skill can slow cognitive aging and prevent conditions such as dementia. Plus, in your golden years, you usually have a lot of free time, and many retirees claim to grow bored. Learning something new can be a way to battle both cognitive impairments and boredom.

There are several ways you can use technology to learn something new, most of which can be found on your internet browser. For example, YouTube has a plethora of how-to videos that teach you anything from how to crochet to how to change a headlight in a car. You could also sign up for webinars, online courses, or college classes to learn something new. 

Connect with distant family and friends

Possibly one of the most common uses of technology nowadays is connecting with friends and family. If you have a smartphone or a computer, you can use technology to make it seem like your family is in the same room as you. For example, Facetime and Skype are great software that allows two-way video and voice interaction. 

Creating a social media account to connect with friends is another great way to utilize technology in your golden years. About 46% of American seniors use Facebook to stay connected. In fact, Facebook is the most commonly used social media platform among seniors. Facebook and other social media platforms are also a great way to connect with other people who share similar interests as you for you to make new friends. 

Make some extra money

With the freed-up time you likely have in your golden years, you may find that picking up a hobby is a great way to spend your days. Better yet, you can turn that hobby into a money-making machine. There are a ton of online sites and smartphone apps that allow you to become your own boss and own your own business. 

For example, Etsy is a great platform and a way you can use technology to make some extra money to spend in your retirement. Perhaps you used to be a teacher – you could continue teaching online. For example, you could teach English to kids in other countries all from the comfort of your couch while using video chat. These types of side hustles are both rewarding and fulfilling. 

Track your health

An area where technology has really excelled in the last decade is in the medical arena. From smartphone apps and websites to wearable technology, you can almost become your own nurse. Wearable technology has improved the way seniors track their health. Devices such as wrist bands, watches, and clip-on monitors are great for tracking things such as your heart rate, oxygen levels, blood pressure, and more. 

Many wearable devices also come with an app you can download on your smartphone. These apps are usually very robust in their capabilities. For example, some apps may even allow you to send your data to your primary care physician. Monitoring your health with wearable technology could save your life. 

Monitor your retirement savings

Most people entering their golden years are retirees. Whether you saved $1 million or $200,000, you should monitor your retirement funds to make sure you don’t run out. There are several online sites and apps that can help you do just that. For example, Vanguard and Mint are two top apps in the finance industry that you should definitely download in your golden years. 

There is almost nothing technology can’t do for you in your golden years. If you can think it, there is probably a machine, device, website, or app that can make it happen. Taking advantage of our advancing technology is the best way to sit back and relax in your golden years. 

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