4 Charging Gadgets that Make Life Easy

It’s very important that you choose charging gadgets very carefully. Whether it’s a power bank that you need, a wall plug and adapter, or a lightning charging cable, the choice matters the most. We have listed 4 worthy charging gadgets in this guide that everybody should have. 

Let’s get started! 

1. The McDodo USB 3-port-Charger Plug (EU, US, UK)

This Mcdodo travel phone charger plug is the ultimate travel buddy because no matter where you travel in the world, it has adapters. It can be fitted with a European plug, UK plug, and US plug. Besides, the design is very convenient. You can simply slide the adapter you want to put it on and off. Hence, everybody can operate this versatile charging plug. Also, it can be used to charge 3 devices simultaneously.

2. The Evvo Powerbank by Mcdodo Worldwide 

Everybody requires a power bank these days. This power bank is, thus, something that you must check out. The unique features that make it so special are as follows. 

  1. This power bank is empowered to charge 3 devices at the same time. 
  2. It is fully compatible with the QI devices. In other words, it offers wireless charging. One of the 3 charging options is a charging pad for QI-enabled wireless devices and the other two are USB ports. 
  3. It’s very small and non-bulky too. Hence, you can carry it everywhere you go. 

3. The MICRO-USB Auto-disconnect Android Charger by Mcdodo

This mobile charger is more than a simple charger. It’s a smart, intelligent charger. The many features that make it so worthy are as follows. 

  1. It senses the phone’s battery status. Once the battery is full, the smart cable stops charging it. Hence, the battery isn’t damaged due to overcharging. 
  2. The data cable is made of zinc alloy and nylon. Both the metals are braided together for strength. Zinc maintains the temperature and doesn’t let the phone/battery overheat and nylon makes the cable flexible; hence, resistant to bending and breaking. 
  3. It charges devices very quickly and takes no more than approximately 1 hour for the battery to get fully charged. 
  4. The gold-plated connectors are clear advancements over the normal ones because they resist rust and corrosion. 

4. Mcdodo’s USB-C to Lightning Charging Cable for iPhone 12

There’s nothing obsolete about this lightning charger. It charges the device fully in less than an hour, disconnects the current once the battery is full, and restarts that charging circuit every two hours so that the phone is never out of battery. 

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