Benefits of Using Social Media Tools for Business

What are Social Media Tools?

There are three types of tools used in social media, all of which are combined for a common goal. Generally, when businesses use social media tools, they want to increase the reach of their advertisements on social media and engage more customers. These are impossible goals without ways to interpret social media data. Thus, the three types of tools are listening tools, publishing tools and competitive analysis tools. Combined, these allow businesses to create detailed, but understandable, reports about a brand’s performance in digital spaces.

How Can Social Media Tools Help Your Business?

  1. One of the single greatest benefits of using social tools is the increase in brand awareness. Even advertising campaigns that aren’t as successful as you may have desired will still increase customer awareness of your brand. Over time, this increased exposure can help drive sales and engagement.
  2. Social tools can also help generate inbound traffic. It doesn’t matter how many people see your advertisements and posts, if no one clicks on them. Social tools can help you better understand what people are looking for in your brand, thus making it easier to create interesting content.
  3. Social tools and SEO software can improve your company’s ranking on Google. This is a fantastic way to get more traffic and sales, as people rarely click past the first page of Google results. Ranking high nearly guarantees a generous return of investment.
  4. Increased visibility also increases conversion. Interactive social media management increases customer trust and loyalty to a brand. Thus, it makes logical sense that increasing visibility would come with a myriad of benefits. It is difficult to do this, however, without the proper tools.
  5. Customer support can be done through social media. Instead of privately calling a company, many satisfied and dissatisfied customers will post about a company on social media. While this can be bad, it also provides an opportunity. Dealing with and fixing issues in a public space makes your business look even better.
  6. Social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods of marketing. The tools and software used are relatively cheap, and they lower the amount of time that you need to figure out complicated reports. Rather, social tools and software programs can aggregate information making it simple and easy to read. Thus, you and your employees can spend more time on other projects.
  7. The insight that you can gain from good social media tools cannot be understated. Not only can they provide data on what your business is doing right or wrong, it can also let you track the performance of your competitors. Looking at the social media data for competitors within the same industry can help you avoid mistakes before you make them.
  8. Brand respect and recognition can be secondary outcomes of a great social media presence. By consistently posting good content, respect is gained. New customers recognize the brand and existing customers and companies respect the expert opinions and authority that your business is offering online.

Using Netbase Software

Netbase is a social media analytics platform. At Netbase, experts have created several different social media tools to fit the needs of nearly every type of business. Reports and data can be viewed and interpreted in real time and all data is considered. Some platforms, unlike Netbase, only used portions of the data. This obviously doesn’t create a fully illustrative understanding of a social media presence. Netbase offers scalable software and utilities, too, making it an easy choice for businesses of all sizes. Finally, their unique AI software learns and changes as technology does, meaning that reports are always accurate.

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