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The decade witnessed a gradual shift from Facebook to Instagram. Zuckerberg owns both the companies but Instagram brings a breath of fresh air with its unique photo sharing concept and the trend. Apart from being just another app, Instagram opened new gates to entrepreneurs, influencers, and social work. People from all background use it, the guy next door to big celebs like Sachin Tendulkar and Narendra Modi.

The swift:

The swift shifting from likes on Facebook to likes on Instagram is phenomenal. Back in 2010, whenever one used to update a new status or uploaded a new photo on Facebook, people used to constantly check on who is liking the post/ photo. Psychologically, the likes gave a sense of satisfaction and stardom. Buy instagram likes monthly on your photo that implythat you are popular among people and people look up to you. Some people would request you to like their post and even offer you money for the same. The money changed the way people socialized. Soon, people started to build a page and use it to make money. The pages were popular and to post on these pages meant gold for people who were looking to gain fame. This started a new trend.

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Instagram launched in 2010 and became popular among the youth during 2015. The market witnessed a quick momentum where Facebook started to lose its users and Instagram started to gain new ones. With this shift, the trend that was earlier started on Facebook gradually shifted to Instagram. People started to create new pages and popularize it to gain fame. Instagram is a photo-sharing platform where people upload their photos and share them to the world. People like it and shower their love on their posts. The users continuously log into their profile to see how many people have liked their photo. The same cycle continues which was once witnesses on Facebook, the same trend continued on Instagram.


Instagram has changed the entire scenario, no one would have thought it would be such a boon in today’s world. It is the most used platform by an individual for social connection. New features get added in a particular time so that the users don’t feel bored to use the platform. The brains behind this app know how to engage the users and keep them on board. The app is changing lives one at a time.

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