How to Light Your Landscape the Smart Way

Do you think you can give your backyard a special makeover? What is the thing that can turn your typical lawn into something too beautiful to look at? Well, lawn lights are the answer to fill in the blank. The perfect setting of landscape lights will make your lawn look a hundred times better than before. However, it can be a tough job to work on the lighting of the landscape.

You don’t need to worry anymore because we will discuss the various kinds of lighting in this article and how you can find the right one for your backyard. The process might start with an overview of the landscape and find the right lights and objects, fit them, etc.

By the term landscape lighting, you must think of lighting everything, such as the trees, entire ground, nook, etc. However, it is not about putting lights on everything but smart garden lights to highlight features that you might not notice in daylight, creating more shadows.

The night is when everything looks duller, but you can fix lawn lights to create something magical. The light and dark game highlights unique features, detailing small things, creating proper contrasts, using plants, etc., and making your backyard a smart, lightening place.

About landscape lighting

Landscape lighting is not a single thing, and there are various options available for you to light up your backyard. Now the biggest concern is what kind of lawn lights you can use for which thing. Instead of lighting everything present on your lawn, it will help determine what things can make you basic backyard bling. Here is a list of things you need to light to enhance the beauty of the landscape

  • Some several things or areas might not catch your eyes. For example, a stone wall might look dull and typical in broad daylight. However, if you put the right contrast and shadows with lights, it will stand out to be an amazing view. It is nothing but adding drama to it that enhances the beauty.
  • Overview of the landscape. Before you jump into the landscape lighting project, find out the best features in that area. For example, if you have smaller plants surrounding a big tree, it can be a unique feature that you can highlight with lawn lights. Moreover, if you have a pond, highlighting it will be an amazing idea.
  • Now, find out the ways or paths that take you to the backyard. There could be rocks, rods, and many more things that may cause you injury. It will be better if you put lawn lights through the paths. You will be able to see a clear way. It not only makes the landscape look better but also saves you from such disastrous accidents.

An essential thing that you need to be careful about is, the source of light is not the target, but the reflection or effect that it creates is the target. Using path lights will help your guests get to your door more comfortably. It is an essential thing for every house. But there are various kinds of lightings. We need to have a basic idea about them to understand which one is the right option.

Various types of landscape lightings

Now that we know enough about the features and areas where we can use lawn lights, it is time for us to know what kind of landscape lighting will go hand to hand with the chosen feature.

  • Path Lights

More than being the kind of lawn light that enhances your yard’s beauty, it is essential lighting that every house must have as outdoor lighting. Path lights work as a guide for everyone towards the door without getting injured. It often gets hard for people to walk through dark paths, especially if it is an unknown place. In such cases, installing a path, lights would be great.

Moreover, you need to note down a few things before installing path lights. Hight is a crucial factor when choosing path lights. If you want an even glow, it will help if you install them about 14 inches high. The next thing is to keep the lights at least 1foot away from the line of the pathway. Overcrowding could be a big obstacle, but you can avoid it; all you need is to note down the lights’ diameter and install them accordingly.

Also, don’t forget to check out the material to avoid corrosion during the change of seasons. LED lights are the best option to install in the pathway.

  • Inground lights

We often notice big round lights in driveways or walkaways, and those are the in ground lights. Such lighting creates drama, and it also uplifts the sophistication atmosphere. It also creates silhouettes of anything standing on the ground, which makes it more beautiful. Installing in ground lawn lights will make every more visible on the lawn.

It is better to install the LED ones because they have a crisp color temperature. The color temperature creates amazing light effects in the dark; also, they are more sustainable than others.

  • Spotlighting

Before we begin to describe the spotlight, it will be better to mention that spotlights and floodlights are not the same. People often get confused between the two. However, the difference between the two kinds of lawn lights is the beam spread. The beam spread of a spotlight is about 45 degrees wide. It is a good lighting option if you want to highlight a particular area, for example, any sculpture or art piece.

On the other hand, floodlights have a wider beam spread of about 120 degrees. Things are more visible with floodlights. If you want to light up a huge area, then flood light will be the right option.


There are several types of lawn lights available in the market. It will help if you take the responsibility of planning into your own hands. Find out your favorite areas and all the features that you want to highlight. Focus on the project and plan what lights will fit for it. Go ahead with the plan and set up the lights accordingly.

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