How to use Internet resources in China?

It is a fact, that almost all major foreign social networks and information resources that are not accountable to the Chinese authorities are blocked in China now. Starting with Google and its services (Calendar, Maps, Gmail) and ending with the social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the WhatsApp messenger.

There are some resources opened in China, but with limited functionality or with blocked materials. The state program, which constantly monitors and blocks more and more resources, is called the Golden Shield.

On the other hand, the Golden Shield restricts access to some Chinese sites that can only be viewed in mainland China. When a resource is blocked, the user is not warned in any way that this site is blocked. The site simply doesn’t respond, and the browser throws an error. Of course, this causes great discomfort. We can use a proxy from China to reduce it.

But it is important to understand that this program is not a prohibition, but a blocking. If this were a ban, we would not have the right to use blocked sites. Now we are simply limited by the government in using the site but in no way limited in ways of circumvention. There are no penalties for this. Buy proxy services and use the websites needed.

Of course, you can use free proxy servers, but paid ones have several significant advantages. For example, you can by yourself choose a server according to the characteristics that suit you (such as server response time, operating speed, caching efficiency, etc.), which has a significant contribution to the quality of your work on the Internet. And also, the server’s work is stable and in case of malfunctions, you can present your claims to the support.

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