Keka And Its Extensive Range Of Features

Keka is one of the best and most popular platforms that offers for various kinds of employee management services at one go. When it comes to that of Performance Management Software, there are plenty of them out there but only a few like Keka offers for the best. Keka is born out of the frustrations that ordinary HR software has been creating. It needs to be understood that the software and services are one of the finest in the industry and increases the performance levels greatly. There are valuable inputs and details that it offers for one and all so check it out to know more.

Separate organized dashboard

The best part about Keka dashboard is that each of the section is perfectly organized and maintained to get results. The leave and attendance area helps greatly as it comes with employee document management system. It would allow the HR team or employees themselves to upload and also maintain Educational qualifications, identity and work experience and also internal performance docs in one place. It also greatly focuses on giving permissions on who has access to these kinds of documents.

Best team of Keka

It needs to be kept in mind that Keka is a hot and happening platform that is created keeping in mind simple and effective performance. It is built by an expert team that has several years of experience and expertise in this arena for past several years. They are known to fine tune the various features and aspects of the platform as per the feedback they receive. Keka is definitely the best you can get in tracking and maintaining employee records at one go. This is exactly why it has become quite popular over the years. Keka helps to track billable and non billable time in the worksheet as well.

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