Practical Solutions for the Tech Support in Practical Choices

Choosing a technology for it’s an often complex choice, which will have repercussions for many years within the company. Very often, we see that the choice of technologies is made for the wrong reasons:

  • Preference of existing teams
  • Trendy technology
  • Longing for something new

Unfortunately, being based on these reasons most often leads to making bad choices that the company will have to make for a very long time. Choosing the technology consulting firms Wisconsin is perfect there.

Choose a development technology? Not that easy

Is it easy to make a choice of technology? No. In reality, it is very difficult to make a choice of technologies, at least for the following reasons:

An abundant range of technologies

  • Big fashion effect
  • Pressure from internal teams
  • Technologies are not very compatible with each other

To this, we could add that it is even more difficult to make a choice of technology during a paradigm shift. For example, when the JS frameworks came out, it was particularly difficult to know which one would emerge victorious in the battle. With the technology solutions, this is important.

How to proceed to choose your technology for your development project?

The only real recommendation we can give you at this level is to take a step back and get help.

Keep in mind that we can’t say it enough that a project always costs more in maintenance than in initial development. Why? Quite simply because a developed software will be used for many, many years (and one wishes it). It will therefore undergo major changes over time, as well as numerous maintenances, security patches, etc. Choosing the Certified Nutanix Consultants is essential there.

Choose sustainable technology

Choose a technology that we trust for the future! When you think of technology, ask yourself the following question: am I sure it will exist in 10 years?

Obviously, it is not easy when we are not in the game, and even less with all the recent technologies for which we do not have much perspective yet.

Beware of too “high level” technologies

The more “high level” a technology is, the higher the risk because it increases its chances of not working in the coming years.

Why? High-level technology encapsulates lower-level technologies, which in turn evolve in other directions. At one point, it turns out to be too hard for high-level technology to keep up with these developments, and therefore, the project stops. For example, we can cite 10 technologies that were supposed to make a unique development between iPhone and Android, to have the gains of common development, and which have all stopped.

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