Setting up your home-office: Things you will need!

Many of us have jobs that offer us the freedom to work from home. Having a designated workspace will make you more productive, and it is important to set up an office, according to your budget. In this post, we are discussing the things you will need.

  1. PC/Laptop. Most jobs require a computer for some task or the other, so this one is a no-brainer. We recommend that you get both, of the budget permits. In case one fails to work for any reason, you can still manage.
  2. Many people prefer to have a bigger monitor, so that they don’t strain their eyes because of the small screen of the laptop. Ensure that you buy a monitor that’s ideal for your work needs.
  3. You will need a few extra cables, such as PrimeCables DVI cable, for connecting products. DVI cable is used for connecting video source to the monitor. Also, get micro USB and Type C cable, for using your phones and tablets. Online stores are likely to have all the products that you may need in this category, and we recommend that you check for offers and deals.
  4. Standup desks. Another great investment for a home workspace is a standup desk, which allows you to move between sitting and standing positions, as needed. Standup desks are useful for reducing monotony at work and can also prevent back pain and weight gain. If money is not an immediate concern, go for an electric variant that’s easy to adjust.
  5. A good chair. You need an ergonomic chair for your workspace, which can be adjusted for height. Your chair is critical for back support, so don’t settle for something that’s super cheap or doesn’t fare well on ergonomics. Go for a wheeled model, so that you can move around the office, to fetch things.

Finally, make sure to have enough storage. You may have to store files, stationery items and other things like books, depending on the kind of job you do. Space for products like printers, fax machine, landline and other gadgets tracking work from home is necessary, and you also need covered storage to keep clutter out of side.

For standup desks, monitors and other products, do check some of the ready brands that have web stores. With little to spend on overheads, they often have surprising prices, and you can save quite a bit on the initial setup.

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