Super Clean Master for Android

There are many Android cleaning applications. Many of those applications are not professional applications like Super Clean Master. Cleaning application should be light weight. Because you are installing this application on a device its memory or storage is almost full. App should work fast on any device without using much resources. Because you are using this app to boost performance. If the application used to boost performance require high performance device, you won’t be able to use its features. Apps like Super Clean master, Bee Booster, AVG Cleaner works on all most all Android phone.

App you are using must have all the features built-in. For example, CPU cooler, Junk cleaner, Antivirus, and etc. Apps like Clean Master used on low-end and mid-range device where it has limited amount of storage space. Installing many applications for each feature or purpose will ruin your device. So, all the features should be nicely integrated on one application. Super Clean master is such application built to boost device performance quickly and easily.

Features of Super Clean Master

  • Junk Cleaner – Easiest way to get more storage without deleting your important files and favorite apps and games is by removing junks. Junks are cache files, residuals from system and app updates, residuals from uninstalled apps, data backups and etc.
  • One Tap Boost – There are many situations that you can’t run your current application smoothly. It stuck and slow to response. You can have quick performance boost using one tap boost. Close all open applications, background tasks to free RAM and CPU. That helps to run your current application at max speed.
  • Battery Saver – Identify apps and tasks that drain battery power even without using. Closing and blocking those unwanted apps and services that drain battery helps to have more battery life than before.
  • CPU Cooler – There are many background task or services that you can’t close manually. Those applications cause CPU to get hot even without using the phone. You can find those CPU intensive applications to reduce CPU heat.
  • Antivirus – You need to use Antivirus application to keep your phone healthy and secured. No need to use separate application for such security. This application has built in antivirus application that effectively remove all threats and viruses.
  • App Manager – Many Android devices has similar applications for same purpose. For example, two mailing applications, two web browsers and etc. You can remove those pre-installed application to have more storage and performance using App Manager.

Above listed only few features of this application. You can download this application to any Android phone and tab using Play Store. If your Android device does not have play store, you can use third party app stores like ac market. First download acmarket application and use search feature to find this application. Simple as using Play Store.

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