The Best Vlogging Cameras for Youtube in 2018

Starting a career as a YouTuber can be as challenging as any other profession. So the best thing to do is to take your first step in the right direction and choose a good camera, ensuring that the quality of your videos is not a cause for rejection.

Many people say that it is possible to make good videos using only the camera of your cell phone, but is that always true? Is it possible to make good videos with any cell phone camera and please millions of people at the same time? For Vlogging camera for beginners the followings are the details.

We are producing videos for our channel, in another educational project, and this is giving us a lot of experience about what is possible to do with low-cost cameras. At first we used the camera of a first-rate smartphone, but we had some technical problems like the lack of synchronism between audio and video, some bursts in lighting and things that can be easily corrected, just using the photographic techniques that we teach here at the club of photography.

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Youtube is Art

If you are a frequent reader of our website, you know that cinema is based on photography, mainly because it shares the same culture, which means that if you apply the photographic principles to your videos, the result will always be positive.

Every YouTuber should know a little about audio production, photography and special effects. First of all, you should master the art of audio production in order to have a quality sound, which is responsible for almost 50% of the experience of your online viewer. Especially because many viewers just listen to the videos, without even caring about the image. On the other hand, it is also important to maintain a minimum of quality, to convey a coherent image along with your message.

You do not want a very flashy background to take the viewer’s attention from your message, or that a subject is too prominent to bother the viewer.

Choosing a Smartphone to Record Videos for YouTube

If you intend to start your channel by offering videos with a minimum of image quality, then avoid using entry-level or average phones / smartphones, as the cameras that accompany them are almost always of low quality; mainly because they produce a lot of video noise. If you want to record with a cell phone, consider at least a top of the line equipment, from the Samsung S Series or Apple iPhone.

It would be great if you had a little more knowledge, to know for yourself, how to choose a good camera to record your videos. Because the outcome of this choice can vary greatly and you may end up buying the wrong equipment, which will not do what you need. For example, if you intend to shoot action scenes, like your skateboard adventures, then a Panasonic GH5 will be the ideal camera for you, due to its high speed exposure capability, which favors the capture of these images more dynamic.

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