Selling a home in Australia is a process full of emotional turmoil. Deciding to move from a house that has been witness to countless memories and events can be a moving experience. Nevertheless, change is inevitable, and one may have to make some hard choices in life for better opportunities along the way. 

It is difficult for home sellers, who are on the market for the first time, to succeed. Not many know that there is a season that a property performs well in the year. For example, a real estate agent in Northern Beaches would suggest that spring is an excellent season for properties in and around the pacific coast for specific reasons. Only experienced agents have access to details and buyers that are otherwise hard to come by. 

Read on to figure out what pitfalls to avoid and how to get a reasonable price for the home:

Some key points to remember while selling:

  • Keep emotions in line and make rational decisions instead of emotional ones. Selling is a business action.
  • Although hiring an agent may cost money, it will be worth it to fetch the right sale. 
  • Plan for the sales and prepare attractive visuals for the listing.

Should everyone hire an agent in Australia?

Around 500,000 houses were sold last year in Australia. And first-timers were the most prevalent in these statistics. When one has no experience doing something, there is a high chance of making mistakes. And people fail to get the price the houses deserve. 

Although an agent demands a commission, it is not an entirely practical idea to sell the home independently. Especially if one has not done it before, it is good to have help. 

How does an agent help?

  • A good agent has the seller’s best interests at heart. 
  • They help set a fair or competitive rate for the home, which increases the possibility of a quick sale.
  • An agent stresses more on the business aspect of the process, reducing the effect of emotional decisions. 
  • They interact with potential buyers, and the buyer does not have to deal with window-shoppers who merely look at the property and have no intention of buying. 
  • They have more experience making sales, and they know what works or doesn’t. 
  • Their negotiation skills have been sharpened by being on the field so they can get a better price than one would on their own. 
  • In any problems during the process (there are many), an agent is prepared to handle them, and one need not undergo unnecessary stress. 
  • An agent is familiar with all kinds of paperwork and pitfalls of the business, and so they take measures to make the process smooth. They can quicken it, and one can rest assured there will not be any glitches or delays. 

Is the Spring season an ideal time to sell?

Soon the springtime is going to set in in Australia. There is a prevalent notion that it is a season that is ideal for selling property. Spring Blitz, as it is referred to in real estate circles, heightens chances of selling. The pleasant weather encourages buyers to see the property, and the sun illuminates the best features of a house. Specifically, real estate agents in Northern Beaches focus on selling the property around August, September, and March. 

Springtime fetches competitive prices, and it is good to hire a stylist to make the house stand out. Get the best price by making use of an agent. 

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