Web conferencing on Data Integration as well as the Semantic Interoperability Barrier from EITA Global

Semantic interoperability can be a massive problem that organizations have considerable difficulty to know how to start when they are trying to mitigate it. Chief Information Officials believe that integration might take up anything between 30 and sixty percent from the IT budgets.

However, the silver lining is always that despite its like a problem of those gargantuan proportions it doesn’t need to be fully resolved for your organization to start obtaining a considerable positive impact. An econometric study conducted by Visa implies that modest enhancements in semantic interoperability potentially have to measurably increase global GDP.

This seminar describes methods for improving semantic interoperability that are starting to create their distance to industry. It places a concentrate on the approaches which are simple to apply and still provide real business value. It provides the best way to implementation in the steps, next the business may be placed on the way whose next steps, may also be incremental yet valuable.

This web conferencing covers the following areas:

The current condition in the art in data integration – that which you have achieved, along with what remains tackled

The organization impact of having less semantic interoperability on data integration complexity and expenses

New methods for improving semantic interoperability, leveraging worldwide standards

How a new techniques are increasingly being built-into key finance and business reporting standards the presenter is really a major contributor

Remaining from unnecessary disruption for the traditional data modeling process

How a techniques leverage business vocabularies

The bond in the ways of semantic technology such as the Semantic Web

While using ways of service-oriented architectures

While using ways of big data

Make sure that is stays simple: Identifying the approaches that are most achievable inside the short to medium term and still provide substantial benefit.

When: October 10, 10:00 AM PDT  01:00 PM EDT

By whom:

David Frankel has over 30 experience just like a programmer, architect, and technical strategist. He is called a pacesetter and worldwide authority about model-driven systems and semantic information modeling. He’s a good amount of experience driving companies and industry particularly to effectively adopt proper technologies.

He’s a standing for facilitating collaboration that, along with his strong technical expertise, has introduced him to co-author numerous important industry software standards, including UML®, ISO 20022, BIAN, as well as the XBRL Abstract Model. He offered terms becoming an elected part of the product Management Group’s Architecture Board and Board of Company company directors.

The IT domains through which he’s expertise include data integration, domain-specific languages, enterprise architecture, model-driven systems, semantic information modeling, semantic interoperability, service-oriented architecture, and software products. The organization domains through which he’s applied his technical expertise lately include financial services, ERP financials, and business reporting

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