The API helps in detecting the human faces identified in various images and maps using the help of a rectangular grid. The grid is very precise in face detection and can be used as the key module for unlocking the screens of various applications. It can also be used in a wide range of scenarios that require a particular feature like face recognition, face unlock, face clustering, and face beautification. The particular locations on the face can be worked upon or beautified after the face detection process and enhanced on the basis of its position in relation to the key facial features.

The API helps in face detection with the help of a precise rectangular grid and can be applied to various features. Face clustering extracts the key and unique features of a particular human face and classifies them for portrait classification in the album of deep face beautification. To develop face detection one needs some environmental preparations that include the Android Studio development version 3.01 or later. A particular mobile phone environment is also required like the Huawei Mate 10 series and the P20 mobile series. Use the instruction manual properly and create a project.

An android studio project needs to be created or opened in an existing Android Studio project. The various parameters such as Application name and the package name. Particular software is to be selected from the various software development kits available. After that select an empty activity and select the activity name and the layout name. After that click on the finish button and download the vision-release.aar package. The package uses the Huawei AI engine from the developer community of the company itself. Then the downloaded version is to be copied to the app/libs of the project.

A particular code to build. gradle is to be typed in the APP directory of the project and the vision-release. aar is to be added. The conversion parameters have to be kept in mind and the results between the different classes have to be analyzed before adding any code in the library. When one uses a face detection application or an interface, the related classes need to be added to the project followed by the program initialization. This is done using the VisionBase static class and a connection is obtained to the service. The detector instance is to be defined and the context of the input parameters has to be kept in mind.

The frame should be definite and defined and placed into the bitmap of the image. The detect method is to be selected and a detection result will be obtained. The Huawei engine supports only a variety of mobile phones. These include the ones using Kirin 970 chip like the Mate 10 series and the P 20 series. Most of the artificial intelligence applications need to use the acceleration capability of the NPU (neural processing unit). This enables the AI algorithms to give a better and more stable performance and also better results. This is one of the benefits of using the HUAWEI HiAI engine.

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