What to Do if There’sNo Power in Your Computer?

  • Prior to you begin a full investigation into the concern, turn off the power and inspect any of the adhering to actions that are appropriate to your system, before trying to reactivate your computer:
  • Check that all cables are safe and secure in their link, power and data wires, by re-plugging them, both on the surface and inside your system
  • Ensure the wall outlet is functioning by attempting an additional tool on it initially
  • Bypass any kind of battery back-up or power strip and link the power line directly to the wall electrical outlet
  • If there were any hardware or software application modifications prior to the issue, turn around those modifications and test again
  • Get rid of any non-essential things attached to the system
  • Guarantee that all detachable media is removed from both the system as well as any printer left connected to the system
  • Dismiss a Problem with the PSU:
  • If you have an older system, please inspect the Voltage selector turn on the PSU hasn’t changed to the incorrect Voltage
  • If the system has an exterior PSU or A/C adapter, please examine the exterior condition LEDs and ideally examination with a recognized excellent alternative as well as a recognized excellent adapter wire.
  • If your display is powering on and the power cable is appropriate to your computer, then swap the wire between your screen as well as computer to eliminate a problem with the cable television or power outlet
  • Test an internal PSU if the BIST is offered on PSU:
  • Take off the power cord and then wait for at least 15 seconds prior to connecting it back in
  • Press the BIST, switch on the back of the PSU and examine to see if the LED lights up for 3 seconds
  • If the LED is off, disconnect the power cable.
  • Unplug any kind of interior power cables from the PSU to the motherboard and inner devices
  • Reconnect the power cable and try the BIST button again. (If the light comes on it’s feasible something connected to the motherboard is drawing the system down. If the LED is still off then the PSU is at fault, and you need to contact a Dell computer repair

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