Which Retarder To Choose For Private Roads

The retarder is a device used to force a vehicle to reduce its speed. It is useful in several environments, such as traffic lanes but also warehouses and parking lots.

Several types of equipment exist, adapting to each need. The choice of your retarder largely depends on the type of support on which you want to install it, as well as the speed of circulation of the vehicles and their weight.

Rubber Retarders: Suitable For The Private Sector

The rubber speed bumps are particularly suitable for private roads, housing estates, and parking lots because of their small size. Their installation is simple and quick, and their length can be adjusted according to the space you have.

The choice of the retarder height then depends on the speed of the traffic and the type of vehicle. Some retarders are also specially designed for the passage of heavy goods vehicles, incorporating a steel plate.

For A Speed Of 10 To 15 Km/H

To limit the speed to 10-15 km/h, the use of speed reducers 50 millimeters in height is particularly suitable. This height is suitable for access to aisles, parking lots, and light traffic areas.

For Speed Of 5 To 8 Km/H

Speed ​​bumps 75 mm high are specially designed for traffic up to 8 km/h. Again, this height is suitable for parking lots and light traffic access routes.

For Heavy Goods Traffic

Regarding the industrial zones to heavy traffic (heavy goods vehicles, machinery, etc.), it is advisable to opt for retarders with an internal steel plate. They can then be of variable dimensions and are to be selected according to the desired speed. For example, the 60-millimeter height retarder can both be designed for heavy goods vehicles but also used to allow passage at a maximum speed of 15 km/h.

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