Why Custom Mobile App Development is a Better Choice?

Mobile application usage is ever-increasing, and this usage growth directly impacts businesses. As the dependency on mobiles and the internet rises, so does the support of this technology for people of all ages. As these rates escalate, the customer expectations of utilizing these devices for several purposes, including fulfilling their daily necessities. With that in line, the businesses must adopt this trend and solve for the customers to easily access their business and avail their services and products. Therefore, these apps start working as effective business means to add power to a company, improve their productivity, and grow their customer field. Any company that wants to maximize its customer experience is now spending on mobile apps.

Regarding mobile application development, the first question that arises is which type of mobile application is suitable to support the business and increase revenue in general. There are two types of application-iOS and Android.

The iOS and Android Dilemma

When you produce a mobile application, the primary concern is that it must reach your users. This criteria also resolves the dilemma of platform for mobile app development. Mobile app development companies will offer you options for all the available platforms and help you with all the requirements, but the decision is yours. You must be clear on where your users are and decide if you need to invest in iOS development or Android development. Your product may also benefit from the application running on both platforms; this result can be easily deduced by an adequate customer base and market research. 

Once you know which platform to opt for, you can easily ask your mobile development company to proceed with the development accordingly. Now, the question arises of custom development or theme-based development. Let’s understand what is custom mobile app development and why you should opt for it.

Custom Mobile App Development and Reasons to go for it:

Many companies offer you services at a lesser price and give you an application based on specific pre-processed codes and may not cater to all your needs in a way you wish your app to fulfill. Also, this solution will not be innovative and might not offer you an out-of-the-box or unique application to entice your users with innovation. Custom applications will be built according to your demands and specified requirements and shall fulfill your needs and function in the way you imagined it to be. Custom-based development allows the app developers in Dubai to add innovation and creativity while the development is in process and makes the application unique. This development shall ensure that your customers get everything possible. 

Apart from satisfying all your business necessities, custom app development offers several benefits, including:

  1. Efficiency: 

Non-custom apps accommodate your budget but end up being inactive, ineffective, and do not work how you want to over platforms. Since these applications are not built exclusively to serve your customers, the functionalities might be compromised, and so might the user experience of these apps. The businesses never want that. 

  • Scalability:

Businesses are expected to grow, and with mobile applications, the chances of this growth increase exponentially, as already discussed. However, with the traditional development process, mobile applications can hold only a certain amount of data and may crash as your business rises. It is therefore essential to get an application that can cater to this problem. Custom apps are intended to manage more than your proposed amount of data. This management feature enables these apps to balance in the case of necessity, assuring that your clients get a smooth and exceptional experience. 

  • Security: 

Custom-built apps allow you to add the desired level of security to your applications. You may wish to add a custom security level at each step. Your application may cater to the needs of both your users and company employees in a single interface. In this case, you need different security protocols at each end. This flexibility is only possible in custom development, and you can not compromise with the data security in today’s world full of cyber-crimes. 

  • User Experience: 

If you wish your business to grow, impress your customers and hold them. Simple! Isn’t it? But the entire process to get them engaged demands most investment and innovative additions to your products and services. With mobile apps, user experience plays a critical role in the success of any application, be it Android or iOS. If the user can not figure out an easy traversal path to reach the product and get the service, he/she will leave your app as soon as they find a more accessible alternative. Custom-based development allows you to enhance this user experience and develop an application with the most efficient user interface.

  • Ease of maintenance: 

With custom apps come transparency of the development code, which can be altered as and when required for whatever purpose need be. Also, there are very few third-party services you integrate with, and hence everything is majorly under your control. You can make amends as necessary. The maintenance process therefore expediates. 

  • Compatibility: 

Screen size and type of devices play a significant role in the success of any mobile app. This factor is identified as the compatibility of apps with different sizes of screens present on other devices. The type of devices may refer to the Android versions and the functional aspects of the mobile phones on which your app is intended to work. With custom apps, you can ensure maximum compatibility. 

  • Analytics: 

Custom apps allow complete control over the data. This control helps you in the data extraction process and even customize that process to deliver the data specific to your business needs. 

  • Brand Identity:

A custom app serves you the ease to intensify your brand value. WIth customization, liability comes with adding whatever graphics you need, whatever themes you need (choose themes that match your company’s profile or brand identity). This helps in building your brand authenticity and growing your brand’s visibility. It helps to approach your customers psychologically and grab a better customer base.

  • High Visibility and Communication: 

With custom apps, you can easily design flash alerts, custom notifications, alert messages, etc., to reach your customers explicitly your way. These alerts and notifications help you be in constant touch with your customers, slowly reminding and seeding in their brain the idea of your product or service. This sedimentation of your business in your customer’s brains will reflect in your profits and sales. 

  • Ease of Distribution: 

Generic app development focuses on development for specific platforms and might not perform well in a cross-platform environment. However, the app distribution is easier with a cross-platform success of the application services, which are easily accommodated in custom apps. 

Building an application seems troublesome and challenging, but the benefits and the growth it brings to your revenues are unmatchable. You must at some point wonder why to invest in custom app development when cheaper options are available in the market and can be made without the help of a mobile app development company in Dubai. However, you must not forget why you are building the app for the progress of your business. Handing your customers an app wherein there is no uniqueness bound to attract failure for your application. In a world full of mobile applications, your app may get lost in the ocean. Therefore, custom app development is a favorable choice. 

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