Writers Have Become Better with Technology. Here’s How!

Technology has made all aspects of our life easier. We have flights that take us across oceans in a matter of hours, satellites in the sky giving us high speed internet, and genetically modified plants that provide a higher yield. 

Technology has come to the rescue of writers as well. Did you know that each minute 1,400 new blogs are posted on the internet? That is a lot of work! But fortunately, there are plenty of tools that make it a lot easier. So, here are some of the best tech tools for writers.

Plagiarism Detection Tools

Posting copied content online can be a serious problem. Such content is detrimental not only from the perspective of search engine optimization, but also can lead to legal trouble. Avoiding plagiarism is always not that easy. There are times when you might be researching for an article, and a phrase or sentence catches your fancy. You remember it and inadvertently include it in your content without giving proper credit to the source.

A great way to avoid such situations is by using sites to check plagiarism. A plagiarism checker is a tool which tells you if there is any part of your content that has been copied from somewhere else. It can even identify specific sentences or phrases that are plagiarized and highlight them. You can then cite them correctly. These tools make checking for plagiarism extremely fast and easy. 

Headline Tools

Almost 80% online readers do not read past the headline of an article. This just goes to show how important a headline is. An interesting and attention-grabbing headline can make the content go viral. This is where headline tools come in. These tools break down the heading into different parts to find out its effectiveness. These tools grade the headline on the basis of factors such as title length, emotional value, and previously proven headings. Some tools also tell about the likelihood of the article being shared on social media.

Grammar and Spelling Checking Tools

When writing a long article, it is common to make some spelling or grammatical errors without even realizing it. Even if you miss it, your readers certainly won’t! And that can be bad news. Fortunately, there are grammar and spelling checkers that ensure your articles are free from any such errors.

These tools not only highlight errors in your content, but also suggest the best replacements. There are certain tools that make use of artificial intelligence. These tools understand the sentence construction and your writing style to make the best suggestions. 

STT or Speech to Text Tools

Such dictation tools allow you to write using your voice. As you speak, the words continue to appear on the screen. These tools are great for those who do not like typing or have some kind of disability. It’s important to speak clearly when you use these tools and know the verbal commands for certain things like punctuation.

Technology is helping writers unleash their potential. From sites to check plagiarism, to grammar checking tools, the benefits seem endless. 


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