Your Point Of Sale – A Figurehead And An Important Instrument For Customer Loyalty

The last thing your customers usually see before leaving your store is your point of sale. The payment process should be processed as quickly as possible and your customer should keep a positive memory of your company in mind. To do this, the POS must meet a number of important requirements. Of course, it should appear tidy, clean and inviting, your employees must be trained and competent accordingly. In addition, your point of sale should also be able to process payment transactions quickly and conveniently. The cash register used ideally accepts many different EC and credit cards. In addition, the cash register system used should support the employees in billing the goods and relieve you as an entrepreneur in recording the working hours of the individual employees.

Which POS systems are there?

There are roughly two different types of cash register systems on the market: on the one hand, systems that are self-contained and offer little expansion options and, on the other hand, systems in which most of the functions are software-controlled. Simple systems are mainly found in areas in which only a few payment transactions are processed. A simple system with a small display is perfectly adequate there. With these registers, updates to the POS software are only possible with increased effort or even not at all. In the more powerful systems, computers or tablets are usually used to control the systems. Both extensions and maintenance are then possible directly at the POS without great effort.

Depending on the individual needs of your company, there are also systems that are adapted to certain operating modes. Systems for the retail trade are usually equipped with a barcode scanner, with which many goods can be recorded in a short time. In the best-case scenario, the system also supports your employees with the inventory by recording an inventory and automatically deducting sold goods. Gastronomy businesses do not need a barcode scanner, but a POS system that can handle billing for several tables at the same time.

Software-supported systems usually cost a fixed monthly amount for the use of the license in addition to the acquisition costs. In return, however, you receive a constantly updated system and free support from most providers if you have problems at your POS.

Can every POS terminal accept cashless payments?

The options for processing cashless payments differ greatly. Simple cash register systems either do not offer any interface to payment providers or only work with a specific provider. Without an interface, the payments cannot be processed directly in the system. If you plan to accept EC card payments more often, you should make sure when buying a system for your point of sale that you can either choose a payment service provider or that the service provider accepts many different card types.

The processing of cashless payments is associated with additional costs. Depending on the provider, between 0.75% and 5% are charged for processing a card payment, and some providers charge a fixed cost per transaction regardless of the amount. This is particularly noticeable with many small amounts. Therefore, pay attention to the additional costs.

SumUp’s point of sale system

The SumUp POS system offers your company real added value and uncomplicated use directly “out of the box”. You can use the preconfigured system immediately at your POS and benefit from intuitive operation and an extensive statistical function that can be adapted to your individual needs. For a one-time fee of CHF 1,300 you get a receipt printer, a cash drawer, a card terminal, a tablet stands and a preconfigured iPad Air with the SumUp cash register software. You also get a high-quality WiFi router that connects all devices and optionally a wireless barcode scanner. The SumUp Air card terminal accepts EC cards that are equipped with the Maestro or VPay standards and credit cards from Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

There are additional costs for using the SumUp app and the optional SumUp Cloud. Depending on the license you want, the annual fee is between CHF 599 and CHF 1,599 per year for the first license. Additional licenses for additional systems cost CHF 599 per year regardless of the license type selected. We would be happy to convince you of the services of more about pos systems. Just leave us a message and we will contact you within two working days with an individual offer for your company. You can reach us at any time by e-mail or via our contact form and also by phone during business hours.

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